Rock until the end

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  1. Put your troubles aside, and tell us your way through! ;)

    I'm starting with the song, "Whatever gets you through" by Crashpalace on the 2001 album, Crashpalace.
  2. I'm on the last song of the Crashpalace CD, "Terra firma" and I've got a great one ready to go. :big grin:
  3. Now "The other end of the Telescope" by Elvis Costello on the 1996 album, All This Useless Beauty.
  4. [y]GW7bj1dpVyM[/y]

    I am lookin' forward to this whole happenin' album, Social Intercourse.

    Rock hard!
  5. Entartete Kunst


    Now, I'll listen to their album, Live at the Complex 3.
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  6. "La la" by Missing Link on the 1997 album, Entourage Garage.

    Until the end. lol

  7. "Cherub rock" by the Smashing Pumpkins on the 1993 album, Siamese Dream.
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  9. What music are you listening to now that is getting you through the day?
  10. "Get your groove on (remix)" by Science


    on the 1999 album, Masquerade.
  11. The end hasn't come yet. :big grin:

    "Just for the sex" by the Rhythm Syndicate on the 1992 album, Sex, Life & Love.
  12. "This boy loveless" by ...and a Tremolo Heart on the 1999 album, Musicians with Day Jobs Comp. #2

    This song will help me survive. :bigthumb:
  13. "Smelling salts" by Mental Torque on the last album by lowercase records. :bowdown:
  14. I have to be honest. This next song is some of the best mellow rock I can ever possibly remember listening to for the initial times.

    "Moral night" by Schedule Two on the 1998 album, Not from around Here?

    By lowercase records. :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
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  16. This song is so wild but mellow I could call it decent. :)

    "Mildred & the masses" by Silent Music Club on Not from around Here?
  17. I really love this song from that album also. :drool:

    "Boat" by Turbo Spectacular.
  18. Shoot...if I blast through the ceiling on this last song on the album, I'll never make it to the end. :noes:

    "Atomic murmur" by Smelling Salts.
  19. I'm outta control. :eek3:

    "Arrow" by Ulysses (Della Notte) on the 2000 album, Reeves Gabrels.

  20. "Standing" by Ulysses (Della Notte). :cool:
  21. What is better than a "Rock & roll party patrol" by Rancid Vat on the album, The Cheesesteak Years.
  22. That'll do. "Sucker punch" by Rancid Vat. Better than nothin'. :rofl:
  23. Rancid Vat again with "Old people." Why don't we shoot 'em all down? :bigthumb:

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