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    i live in a house that consists of myself, my cousin, his wife, my stepbrother, his wife, and my stepbrothers 1 yo. My Cousin, His wife and I have no issues amongst ourselves. but all 3 of us have issues with the other two.

    ill give some examples here
    -Stepbrother takes up over half the house with his stuff
    -Lease specifically says no holes in the wall (pictures and shit) he has his pictures hung up everwhere and cut a hole in the wall to put in a new outlet.
    -takes other peoples marked food.
    -does not do shit to upkeep the house.
    -can never pay rent or utilities on time.

    now for the last two weeks ive been working from 6am to about 10pm or it in the field or at home for a few hours. i have not been home to do shit around the house. but i also havent been home to make any sort of messes.

    for example saturday and today he demanded i go dishes. even though i havent ate in the house for 2 weeks. have not used a single dish whatever. then he starts complaining i dont clean the downstairs bathroom(that i never use), vacuum, or clean the windows (where HIS kid has hand prints all over the place).

    im all for doing my share of things, but im not cleaning other peoples messes. my cousin and i try to cut our lawn every 2 weeks, but if its raining or shit comes up we take care of it asap. my stepbrother on the other hand will wait a month or so when its his turn to do it. ignoring the lawn stuff i dont think ive ever seen him lift a finger to do house work where my cousin and i do what we can when we have the time and are not tired as we both work alot.

    as for my cousins wife she was watching their baby when his mother was at school until she got a recently. she gave them plenty of notice on days she wouldnt be able to watch him and then gave them over 2 weeks notice that she couldnt do it anymore due to getting a full time job. now my sister in law is bitching about how my cousins wife screwed her over. (screwed her over by watching her kid for free for 4 months and still gave her plenty of notice that she could no longer do it)

    the sister in law will half ass shit and then complaign about how she never has time to her self, and how we never do anything to help. but we always get stuck cleaning up her mess.

    well anyways, today the stepbrother said i need to do more or pay more for rent. i told him he could fuck himself and i would move out before that, and he could be stuck with my share of rent. as it is, i have 1 room out 8, to myself and he has 4. the rest i have maybe less then 20% of use in the room.

    so am i being unreasonable? im no angel, but im not taking orders from someone who does less then 10% the shit i do around the house
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    living alone > *

    I would never want to live with 2 married couples

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