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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by pmoney, Jul 21, 2005.

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    I have Roadrunner cable and recently got a Linksys WRT54GS router with the latest firmware. I have one computer hooked up to the router and another desktop in another room. Both a few weeks before and after I have hooked up the router I sometimes get the 'page has timed out' or 'page cannot be found' on both the computers. Before the router, it appeared as if this happened often when I left the computer on standby and powered it up to use it. After the router, it happens at various times on both computers, but seemingly when one of them is on for an exteneded period of time (generally comp b-wireless). Also, comp b is running azureus at this time. I can mnake the problem go away on comp b by rebooting it, but on comp a, sometimes I have to totally reset the cable modem to get it to work.

    I know the network and the modem work fine. My router settings all seem ok and everything because it works most of the time.

    Lately, I was getting really fed up with the problem and noticed that (at least recently) when I am working on my computer(b) upstairs, when azureus was on, within a few minutes or hours, my internet would start to get the timed out problem and it would try and connect to a webpage forever (remember I am downloading at this stage so the 'net is connected). WHen I closed azureus everything seemed to work if I restarted the browser. THen I went into the settings of the router and fixed the opening of the porrts I was using to forward for azureus (this was an unrelated fix to the problem that I happened to do at the same time). THen I added the address of comp b to the static dns list and changed the client lease time to 9999 minutes from 0 (1 day), thinking that would help the timeout issue. And boom it seemed to work with azuerues and comp a had no problems for a bout 6 hours, then I went to bed.

    I wake up this morning and the same problems about everything timing out with azureus were occuring.

    I searched the timeing out issue before I posted on google and a bunch of forums but I didnt think that the computer wasnt recognizing the name vs the ip address of various sites. As a matter of fact, sometimes google/google news worked fine while the symptoms were going on, but maybe that was because it is my homepage and in my cache.

    Anybody have any ideas? I almost think its something like leaving azureus constantyl connecting or leaving my computer on for too long.

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