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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Cvking, Feb 14, 2003.

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    ok so i got a router its a "lynksys" router and i hooked it up all was we'll with my progs and speed..but when i opened up the program called "direct connect" its a filesharing prog it would not let me use the program in "active mode" only in "passive" which doesnt cut it cuz some of the rooms dont allow Passive members to enter..and another thing i noticed was on AIM instand messanger i cant send, nor get giles from sure it just takes a lil configuring to not sure how to do it..any help would be not to good with this kinda stuff

    thanks in advance

    O and i almost forogt

    i use IRc INvision Verision 2.0, it doesnt allow me to connect like it normally did when i didnt have the router..other than that blubster, winMX ect... all other progs are A ok..but these 3 Aim, Dc, Irc are my favorites and they wont work properly someone help
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    Direct Connect, you are stuck using passive mode, no way around it that I know of. For AIM, i'm not sure but I think you can open the port it uses for file sharing/im connection, but I don't know it offhand. As far as IRC, that is probably the hardest one, some networks will work and some won't, not sure how to help you with that one.
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    aim forward port 4443 to the computer using aim

    irc forward port range 1024 - 1100 to allow DCC transfers

    the same goes for DC you need to find what port or port range is used and forward it to the required computer
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    damn i dunno how to do all that, any way u can give me step by step kinda confused:(
  5. Cvking

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    Ok i fixed Aim, Dc Irc is the only one i cant connect and shit with, anyone know how to fix it
  6. z y i r o

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    ya go to your routers control panel select advanced then goto port forwarding it should have a button at the bottom that says port range forwarding then fill in the range as 1024 - 1100 and then select the IP to forward it to

    if you have any further questions ill be hom later tonight hit me up on aim zyiro

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