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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by UrDrago, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Jan 5, 2005
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    I've lurked here for a while and I figured I'd post the routine I've been using for the last few months to see if with your opinions I could make it better. My goal is foremost to develop speed/strength for sports (specifically hockey and short/mid distance running up to a 3.2 mile), but secondarily to lose fat/gain muscle. I'm 5'9 170, and I would guess about 15-20% body fat.

    Anyway, my current routine:

    Ice Hockey twice a week (Sunday/Monday)

    run 3 miles twice a week (currently at a 22:30 3 mile. My short term goal is under 21 and longer term is under 19). (Wednesday/Saturday)

    Flag football once a week. (Friday)

    Chest/back day (Tuesday):
    Lat Pulldown 10x3
    Bench press 10x3
    Seated Row 10x3
    Dumbbell Press 10x3
    Bent-over Row 10x3
    Fly 10x3

    Leg/Shoulder day (Thursday):

    Squat 10x3
    Military Press 10x3
    SLDL 10x3
    Lat Raise 10x3
    Calf Extension 10x4 (straight, pointed out, pointed in, straight)
    Bent Over Rear Delt Raise 10x3

    For background, I'm in law school right now so I don't really have a lot of spare time and I'm locked into playing hockey for 2 of those days and football for one. Running is a goal of mine and lifting on the same day as running probably would take more time than I have to devote on any given day (not to mention I would probably burn out pretty quickly). At the same time, I realize that a 2 day split is probably not optimal.

    For reference, my third set of squat is 245, bench is 155, and SLDL is 195. So far, I have not plateaued in any exercise.

    Any suggestions?
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