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    Ok, so I recently bought a 22/45 used and apparently the guy who owned it before me thought it would be a good idea to locktite or super glue the hammer bushing (40) to the hammer pivot pin (44.) So, I took it apart to familiarize with the gun and I knocked out all the pins and find out the hammer pivot pin won't come out. So the gun no longer works because I can't put the sear, or sear spring back in without removing the hammer pivot pin.

    I was going to send it in the Ruger to fix (They said they would do it for free) but shipping is $40 and I figured I could cut out the pin and replace the parts for cheaper, plus a lot less of a wait. So I used my dremel and cut through the hammer and sliced the pin and hammer bushing in half. I pulled the pin out and got all the parts out.

    Now, I know a few of you guys have 22/45s and I Was wondering if you guys had a spare hammer assembly sitting around because you upgraded :hs: I know it's a long shot but I'm a little low on money now and don't really want to shell out the money for a target hammer :hs: The other parts I ordered from Ruger but they said they don't sell hammer assemblys unless you send the gun in.


    Cliffs: Previous owner glued my gun, had to cut parts to fix it, need hammer assembly from someone who has upgraded. Will pay for it.
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    If you can't fix it I might buy the gun off you. :o

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