Ruined my MOBO :(

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by morecomplete, Feb 27, 2003.

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    On a generic PII 400 (Tech Media, American Megatrends). The processor may be fried too :(
    I connected the cable on the mobo that goes to the floppy drive backwards ( the red stripe the wrong way) and now it wont boot at all.

    I've never installed a motherboard, can I just buy another one and pop it in there? Could I buy like a PIII and put that in? How do I know what motherboard is compatible?

    sorry for the newbie type question, I've only replaced/installed HD's/CDRW/Memory/Fans and power supplies, nevre built a system from scratch or replaced a mother board.
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    OK a bit more information, I'm wondering if it's the Mobo after all..

    When I boot, the BIOS comes up, it recognizes the memory and says "please wait"....

    after a couple of minutes it says "searching floppy for boot record" then "insert boot floppy and hit any key"

    I insert a bootable floppy (Win2k install) and hit a key and it starts over with "searching for boot record"

    The heat sink above the processor heats up, and both lights on the system STAY on. I've swapped out memory and it's fine. I get no beeps. I can't eject the CD. Never had this problem before so I'm not sure...

    any ideas would be appreciated
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    I dont thikn you can fry your mobo by connecting the floppy cable backwards. I've done it numerous times without a casualty.
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    You're right, I seem to remember doing it in the past without trouble. Maybe I fried my floppy drive, tho it shouldn't even do that.

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