Rules updates: Doxxing, bad fellowship, and negativity


@Chuckfinley, give me my likes back pls
Mar 3, 2005
grammar police
Are you really accusing someone else of taking this place seriously?

We're back to that whole self-awareness thing. :rofl:
well some of OT is actually serious business...the problem is that too many people are so inept that they can't tell when they leave a fuckaround thread and enter a "my SO just died thread"...they can't flip the switch
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Remy Bressant

Boots in the cab SMDFTB
OT Supporter
Jul 24, 2015
you guys realize this works in our favor, right?
this is a built in back door for mods to remove the kooks the entire board doesnt want around, like Akus.
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Resident Misandrist™
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May 22, 2014
ok well, i already showed you @Jesus mentioning me in a sarcastic context that is meant to be trolling. he even mentioned the kid thing. there are 4 main offenders that are driving people off this site. if thats what faz wants for his site income, cool i guess :dunno:

itll just get worse if someone were to get to my facebook or something and send this type of shit to my girlfriend who has a son. im being perfectly serious when saying that this childish shit can ruin my life.

Quoting you for saying you'd molest an 8 year old isn't ban-worthy- you said it. Don't be a gross idiot and you won't get mocked relentlessly.

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