Rules updates: Doxxing, bad fellowship, and negativity

Discussion in 'Front Desk' started by Emfuser, Nov 6, 2016.

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    One of the ugliest things that became a regular occurrence on internet communities as the internet grew is doxxing.

    Digging on people to find their name, their facebook, their photos, their employer, any other sort of personally identifiable information or any combination of those things in order to undermine and strip away their anonymity, harass them, or threaten them. OT is likely missing a few good folks because it crept in here too. People don't post as much as they used to from their lives because people know that too many malicious shitheads out there who will harvest the information to use against them in the future.

    So in an effort to get rid of some of the nastier things that have crept onto the site over the years we're putting the kibosh on this shit, permanently, with permabans. If you doxx anyone and it comes to light in any way you can expect to be permabanned. That includes everything I wrote above which is quite intentionally broad and general. We're no longer going to allow users to post photos, video or other identifying information about other users. There will be a handful of exceptions for things like posting the OT-shared business websites of those who have them (ex: House of Grafix) when people inquire about them and you can always ask us about something before you post it to get our OK to post.

    We'll be dealing with existing content that's already on the board as we come upon it or it is brought to our attention. The same can be said for old posts pointing to stuff that may have been pruned. It's our discretion. Handle with care.
    Next up is bad fellowship and negativity.

    It's pretty well understood that OT is not a kids playground. It's not one big safe space. We come here for entertainment and to blow off steam and we like to fuck with each other a bit for fun. That's part of our culture. That said, some people come here just to be an asshole, spew vitriol at everyone and everything, be a bully, and/or troll endlessly. These sorts of behaviors have also become prevalent enough that we're going to increase our scrutiny of these sorts of things and be ridding the board of people who can't change their ways.

    This does NOT mean we expect people to be nice to each other all the time. That's ridiculous and definitely not OT. This increased scrutiny likely will not affect most people. We're only interested in getting rid of people who are a constant negative presence on the board and those who make it a point to constantly, persistently harass or bully other members they don't like. There's a big difference between slinging shit around in good fun and being a prick all the time.

    So we'll have an eye out for people who are nothing but negative or mostly so. We're including constant, relentless trolling and shitposting in this topic because they're behaviors that are intended to irritate and annoy other forum members. This also includes cliquey campaigns of trying to run people off from OT because you and your buddies don't like them. Also worth noting is that OT does not have a video game-esque morality points system where being nice or charitable or being the second coming of christ offsets being an asshole. No amount of good deeds will gain you any favors to be a shithead and trying to pull that card with the mods will likely just piss us off. We'll happily refund your sub money and wave you goodbye if you want to throw a tantrum over being banned.

    There will be warnings followed by increasingly longer bans if your behavior falls into this realm. Some of you have already been warned or banned for this sort of thing before so you're already on short notice. If you catch notice from us to knock off certain behavior then it would probably be a good idea to comply instead of arguing.

    Cliff notes and how the new rules will read:
    • Doxxing or anything of that sort will catch you a permaban straight away. Don't.
    • Persistent, overwhelming negativity will get you banned.
    • Harassing and/or bullying other members well beyond OT norms will get you banned.
    • Any other behavior that seems intended to constantly annoy or irritate other members will get you banned. Endless trolling or shitposting are prime examples.
    Enforcement of the above is according to supermod and administrator discretion and interpretation rather than being highly specific, precisely-worded, lengthy rules.
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