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    I went to Russia this summer to study abroad and took A LOT of pictures. I put a good amount of them into a slideshow. There is music and lots of effects and I'm pretty happy with it. Id like comments and critiques please. Of the photos, music and just over all layout. Its a bit long, but worth it. All of these were taken with a Sony DSC-H1 which I ended up returning b.c i knew i wanted a better camera after I got back (it was my first digital camera). I finally saved up more and got a 350d today!


    click online sharing

    login: sachinkpatel
    password : pictures

    go to slide show, and then select the show. you may have to accept the plug in.
    I believe "St. pete" and "moscow" have the best pics as far as subjects.

    Thanks and enjoy.

    please note- all pictures were taken at 5mp but i had to compress the H E L L outta the slide show to be able to upload it.

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