S/C Frontier or Jeep Wrangler?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by cypha12, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. cypha12

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    After seeing the Defender 90 in the movie She's All That, I wanted one but they are too expensive. Now, I'm lookin at either the s/c Frontier or Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Both are similarily priced with all options. I know you can mod the hell outta the TJ7 but the Frontier has a s/c. What do you guys think?
  2. nucl3ar

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    It's not called a TJ7, it's just TJ. It all really comes down to preference and what you will be using it for. Yes the Frontier is S/C, but that does not mean it's fast. The 4.0 in the Wrangler is very capable and has the power where you want it in a truck, down low.
    The Wrangler will be much better off-road. As for on-road it handles well but it is a short wheelbase so if you drive in icy conditions the rear end may want to come around on you if you are not easy on the go pedal.
    The Frontier obviously has much more cargo capacity, but less people space.
    If you really had your mind set on a D90 then you will be much happier with the Wrangler.
    Tell us more about why you need this vehicle.
  3. Pat McCrotch

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    I have an '01 Frontier S/C CC. The crew cab does have a small back seat, but it is enough to get people in for a short trip. Definitly better than the jump seats that many king cabs have. Xtreme is right just because it has the S/C doesn't make it fast, it still weighs I think about 4,000 pounds, but it is a big difference over an SE without the S/C. I have added a few things to mine to give it a little more go power and I am happy with the results. Despite the limited aftermarket, there are some good products out there to make the Frontys even more capable off road. For me and what I use my truck for it is, a great, versitile vehicle. I didn't want an SUV, and the Crew Cab was the perfect fit. The only thing I kick myself about is diciding against 4WD... Oh well.

    My only complaint on my truck is the gas mileage and that it has to take premium. There are some great boards to check out on the frontier and the jeeps. The best ones for the Nissans are www.nissanfrontier.net, www.4x4parts.com and www.nissanoffroad.net.

    Hope that helps! If you wanna see pics of my truck, you can see it here: www.picturetrail.com/ecujeb

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. cypha12

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    The reason I want a truck is its not a car. I live in Vegas and the trails out here are beggin to be ridden hard on. Plus, I want something to haul my crap around if I move. I don't plan to do any rock climbing, I just want to do a little off-roading on the weekends with coworkers. I was thinking of getting a Scooby WRX and rally drivin it, but I would like something I can haul crap with and the WRX doesn't have a bed. Plus, I'm tired of hookin up my little imports, I wanna go offroading now!

    I like the D90 because it looks like a mini hummer to me. When I saw it in several movies (I think Tomb Raider), I fell in love with it. Its just looks like a badass truck, but not for +$40k.
  5. nucl3ar

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    Well given your description, as much as I hate to say it, but between those two options you are better off with the Frontier.
  6. Guest

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    I'd say the pickup too, since you can't haul all that much in a jeep. Of course, if your heart were set on a jeep, I'd reccomend a cherokee. capable enough off road w/ mods, and you can put stuff in it.
  7. Wolvrin704

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    If the only reason you need a truck for is to haul stuff when you move I'd still recommend getting the Jeep and just rent a trailer. The reason is the Frontier being a small truck its not gonna hold a lot of stuff.
  8. Pat McCrotch

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    I think it really depends what you are going to haul and how often. Now that the long bed Frontiers are out you get the best of everything, people room and cargo room. The trailer idea is good, but it can be a pain to arrange everytime you want to haul something, that means either buy a small trailer or go with a pickup and not worry about it at all!
  9. SycoPhant

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    You could always find a Jeep Commanche and have a Jeep pickup :)
  10. Get a Dakota SPORT...........anyway, based on what you specified i'd go with the Frontier. They are pretty capable off roaders, my dad has the desert runner and he seems happy enough.
  11. Thunderbear

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    Find a SJ and have a REAL Jeep pickup.

  12. m3s3lf

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