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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by SoySauciAl, Jun 2, 2007.

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    its getting worst and worst. my mechanic friend hears the noise from the rear so he took the whole rear end off including the driveshaft to check it. brakes were a little worn out and shocks was leaking but he didnt find anything else that could be making that noise. some stuff was a little loose that he tightened but nothing that could be making that noise. his best bet is the driveshaft since part of the bolts? have been replaced and the others are still all original.

    the sound use to only come if you drive it for about 10-15 miles. then its like every 5 miles.. now its pretty constant and consistent. sounds something like someone tied a soda can to the bottom of the car but not as loud. also besides the sound, it has this other feeling/sound.. feels like tires are low but its not.. kind of a rubbing feeling. besides that, the car drives like normal but that nasty sound. any suggestions? dont want to bring it to a real mechanic and pay the $$$.
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    could be u-joints
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    any more?
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    check the setup on the gears, sounds like the pinion is dragging on the ring gear .... could be the setup itself, the carrier / pinion bearings, axle bearings.

    make sure you have fluid in that diff, if it hasnt been changed for a while, then change it .... if it has glitter, you have problems.

    on a long shot, could be output bearing on the transmission.

    remove the rear driveshaft, grab the pinion (where the driveshaft connects to the differential / axle) and see if it can move up and down or side to side ... not rotating, but obvious play in it. do the same thing with the output shaft of the transmission (where the driveshaft connects to the back of the transmission). neither should have more than 1/32" play in them.

    and disregard my side notes if you know anything about cars. i always assume im working with a complete dumbass when i try to explain shit about a vehicle .... not trying to patronize.

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