Salo or 120 days of Sodom NEONE KNO WHERE TO GET?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by n9e9o9, Nov 24, 2003.

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    "On the first sight Pasolini´s "120 Days of Sodom" seems to be nothing more but a film about sexual obsession and perversion. Actually deals with the explanation about the origin, the function and the aftermath of fascism, shown in a metaphoric way. You´ll need strong nerves and a strong stomach to hold it out to the end. Especially the "dinner scene", were a very special meal gets served, will still pursue days later, although you can´t escape the stadium between repulsion and fascination for the whole film. The borders of pornography, violence and a political message have never been so close to each other as they were in this movie. Otherwise "Salò" is an unequivocal final speech against every form of National Socialism and oppression. If your mind is of a conservative imagination of moral: Stay far away from this film! If you are open-minded to an explicit and extreme art of cinema: Try to see Pasolini´s masterpiece whenever you can!!!"

    neone kno where i can get Salo (based off of one of Marquis de Sade's novels, its the guy Quills is based off of)?

    i can't seem to find a place (legally or illegally) or im just blind
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    The Criterion is oop, try half or ebay. It is floating around on DC hubs, though.

    Very very interesting movie. I don't like Pasolini though, although all of his movies, as well as his history, are worth looking into

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