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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by nmt6789, Nov 7, 2005.

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    I posted a thread about this about 2 days ago. I keep getting an internet explorer error message and I keep sending error reports and I dont get any information about why its happening. I tried looking up the problem but I couldnt find any answers. It all began whn I donwloaded Bitcomet and I decided I didnt like it so I uninstalled it and then I kept getting IE error messages. I tried to repair windows but it didnt work. Now, my computer keeps beeping and I cant used IE or Firefox. I was thinking about calling the Geek squad but, It will probably cost a fortune. I uninstalled IE and I got the same results even when I uninstalled it.
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    If you can, please post a screenshot or tell us the exact error you are given.

    Did you read the replies in your other thread? That should have given you plenty of things to try.

    If you call Geek Squad, they are more than likely going to do what some of us said to try, so you might as well do it yourself and save the $$.

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