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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Dr. Woo, Aug 13, 2007.

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    So my dad's looking to buy a new 50" HDTV plasma for the new house. He got to talking to a Best Buy employee (oh boy) who told him that the best 50" plasma he had was this one:

    This is a Pioneer that doesn't reach 1080p, but it's not like HD broadcasts are in 1080p yet, right? Well, the big thing was some "processor" that he was talking about that apparently upconverted standard analog signal to near-HD quality. Is he blowing smoke up my pop's ass or is it worth paying $500 more and losing 1080p for this upconversion?

    I did read the specs on the BB site and it looks like it's the ASIC that he was talking about.
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    most people don't sit close enough to even take advantage of 1080p. I don't care about 1080p to be honest. I'd take that 768p pioneer over any lcd 1080p set.

    As far as the processor, it does an awesome job on regular cable. It won't convert it to near hd quality, but it does look better than any other plasma or lcd set.

    Pioneer makes a few 1080p sets that you can check into if you need to have it. They make a 5010 that is a 50" 1080p panel. They also have last years elite model the Pro-FHD1. I know new elites in 1080p are coming out but I don't know when they will hit stores.
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    1. he is correct about that being the best Set they carry. Pioneer KURO 5080 > * plasmas/LCDs they carry

    2. Magnolia (part of BB) also carries the elite line, so Pro-1150 > 5080 > *

    3. no, as good as the ASIC processor is, particularly with SD signals and with film sources for 3:2 and 3:3 pulldown, it will NOT make your Standard definition shit look like High def. :nono: On that one, he was blowing smoke. Will it look considerably better than any set, for SD? yes. will it look HD-like? :hahano: NO!

    He will love the picture of the Pioneer wont matter if it isn't 1080p, unless he plans on sitting 6ft or closer to the thing.

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