Santa!!!! I screwed up BIGLY!!!


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Dec 6, 2002
The Woodlands
But I am trying to make it right. I got a PM from someone else that is NOT my Santa asking if I received any gifts. I had not (from Santa or the Amazon thread). Couldn't figure out what was going on. After some back and forth, it looks like Santa bought most things off my Amazon List. Understandable with these times. What I failed to realize is that the address on my Amazon Wish List was still my old home address!!! Even though my old address was not in my address in Amazon settings anywhere!!! That is stupid by design, but I take full responsibility. I have since checked all the lists and made sure the shipping location was set to my new current address.

I drove over to the old house and knocked on the door and no one was home. They have a Ring Doorbell that I left them when I sold the house so I gave it a shot (not sure if they ever set it up for themselves). Pressed the button then left a short message with my story and phone number. No response. Then on the way home I got a call from an unknown number and it was the lady. She said they were out of town and would not be back until the 23rd but that I could come pick up the three packages she has received then. I hope nothing was snagged by porch pirates or that they open any packages and like them enough to not let me know they received it. But hopefully everything will work itself out next week. Also, if anyone sent me something from my Wishlist that wasn't my Santa, we are probably in the same boat.

I will try to update everyone next week when I go to grab the packages that I can. If anything is in route, maybe we could change the address, just PM me.

And again. My fault, so sorry, hopefully it all works out next week.



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Jun 23, 2004
so. cal.

i sent you something from the amazon thread on 11/28

explains why you didn't say anything :wtc:
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Dec 6, 2002
The Woodlands
Aww damn. So sorry man. I figured some people might have sent things. The lady said there were three packages. I guess I will have to wait to see what they want to give to me and what they thought was cool enough to lie and keep for themselves. Hopefully they are honest people.

Maybe tracking info or the delivery confirmation picture would help if I end up not getting everything. I could show them that and guilt them into giving me the crap. Guess we will see next Tuesday or Wednesday when I go to grab the packages.

El Beaner

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Jul 18, 2002
Dallas, TX
Lol, I didn't even know you could or had to assign an address.

Went and updated my list with a default address now too
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