Santa things starting to trickle in


Oct 4, 2001
And though I know who my Santa is, I’ll wait until the other stuff comes in so their sneaky thread can cause more confusion.

This came in and I thought it was something I ordered so I didn’t mess with it. :uh:
Eventually I opened it to look inside and thought “I didn’t order that, that’s on my Amazon list!

Thanks, random Santa amazon gifter!” Much excite for surprises. And for an instapot cookbook because I only learned how to hardboil (hard cook?) Eggs in it yesterday and that’s the extent of my instapot cooking knowledge.


On the same day, a thread popped up saying that someone’s elf should have received a gift, the same day I got the first one, so I wondered if that was my Santa, :hmm: but then this other package showed up that they didn’t mention. Or they did and I missed it. ..
and I could tell by the feel and sound that it was from my Amazon list, ( because I recently ordered a set and decided I wanted a few more)

so I thought maybe it WAS a random amazon Santa SO thanks again, random amazon gifter!
they’re truck bed u-bolt things for my Tacoma bed rails yesssss more mounting points for all the things.

BUT THEN, inside was a note that Santa sent the cookbook AND these mount doodads and something else dastardly is on the way soon.

Thank you, Santa! These will be well used and I await the incoming mess
To be continued...

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