MIL Saw a STEP promotion today.

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    This SSgt that runs our LAN cable shop busted his butt after Katrina. This guys works so much it is rediculous. He is prior Navy, a corpsman. Anyway everyone in my flight gets called into his shop. The general and his cronies show up and start breifing us on how to fill our our evacuation travel vouchers. He mentions that last evacuation 5 people lied on their vouchers and were caught. He then said someone among us had lied on their travel voucher. He asked the SSgt to stand up. The SSgt was like "WTF?" and told him effective today that he was a TSgt. The SSgt turned bright red, he didn't expect promotion. He had thought that through all the buzz, maybe they were presenting him an award.

    Second STEP promotion I've seen in almost 4 years.

    If anyone in this SQ deserved to make rank like that, it was that guy. That's how most of the SQ feels about it too. I haven't heard a negative thing about it.

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