Saw some cool cars while in Europe

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Omega6_Virus, Jan 6, 2004.

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    I was in London over New Years and when I went to Scotland for a day, I saw a new 5 series in person. Looks like a baby 7 series but the grille/front end doesn't look right at all.
    Saw a Lazer blue V70R which is a rare color for the car. :bigthumb:
    Saw an older Rolls.
    About 4 TVR's. :bigthumb:
    Baby blue Aston Martin DB7. :bigthumb:
    Saw the new Bristol at a showroom.
    Lots of Defender's.

    I didn't bring my digital camera though. I got a pic of the rolls while I was in a taxi, but its on 35mm. The 5 series would have been a great to get pics of, but I was in a rush to get on the train(saw it parked at the station).
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    Funnily enough I didnt go to London for New Year, I stayed at home and threw a house party but thats a long and different story.

    Its quite funny just how many Land Rover Defenders there are now in London. They actually did a special editon "Black" Defender with full leather and stuff aimed primarily at the London market.

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