A&P "schmeg" and "cannibal flower"

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    "schmeg's head never quite healed after being attacked by a gaggle of boneless chickens one late evening on his way home from work."


    well, i was not planning on coloring this at all. after inking it, i did not like the way that the image looked compared to how it looked with just the pencils. so, like the cannibal flower image, i decided to clean up the pencils a bit, and color them instead since that was the look i liked the best.


    before their redesign, cannibalflower.com had several user submitted images. by the time i started to work on this, they took that down, but i figured i would do it anyway.


    this was difficult to color because i never inked the original, but scanned, cleaned, and colored the pencils i had. after i inked a previous work, i was unhappy with the lines once the pencils were taken out. i just really like the look of the rough pencils and figured i would try my hand at coloring them.

    original illustration was done on 11x17 strathmore bristol paper, colored in photoshop. a few progression steps are here for those interested.
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    looks great man. nice job
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    you have so much talent :eek3:

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