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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by OiNK, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Here's the car:


    I'll start out by saying what I know about car care. I've started learning within the past week or so after I bought my new car. I've never waxed a car in my life, I've always paid someone to clean it, or just used the wash it yourself type car wash places.

    Things I need help on:

    What waxes to use, what sealants to use, and how/when to use them.
    What to use on glass? I've been using Windex but my friend cringed and said never do that again :rofl:
    What do you after you wipe down the interior with woolite/water mix? protectant?
    What do I protect my wheels with? I think they are painted
    What do I protect the plastic trim with?
    Are there any products you see that I am missing, wrong, or that I should consider?

    Things I'm thinking of purchasing
    1. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine 32 oz. New Formula! - Scottwax whores this brand, wonder how much they pay him monthly :mamoru2:
    2. Wet/Dry Vaccum - anyone recommend something better/cheaper/more car oriented?
    3. Mothers Brake Dust Brush - I have huge hands, need something like this for the wheels, might even need something smaller. There isn't much room in my wheels
    4. Mothers Wheel Brush - Larger brush before I start in with the smaller one
    5. The Guzzler Combo Kit (Friend recomended)
    6. Microfiber Towel Multi Pack - Assortment of Microfiber towels for drying and washing
    7. ShMITT - To wash panels and most of the car (Friend recomended)
    8. 36oz Spray Detail Bottle - Can't find a good spray bottle anywhere
    9. Black WOW - for cleaning the plastic trim around the outside of the bottom of the car

    Things I already have:
    1. Buckets
    2. Woolite HE - Interior
    3. Spray Nozzle attachment for hose
    4. 20 Pack of terrycloth towels (made the mistake of using them right after I bought them, left a shit load of white lint on my roof :mad:)
    5. Assorted low quality car cleaning products from walmart/target
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    Lansing, MI USA
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    Nashville, TN FTW
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    The EDU thread has most of what you need for washing AND detailing. I see that you asked about Detailing, but only mention supplies for washing.

    If you're looking for spray bottles, I'd recommend Wal-Mart.

    How are you going to polish the car? What wax/sealant are you going to use? Read that thread, it really helped me a couple of years ago when I was starting out.
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    I have to admit, you newb's have it made these days. There was no car care forum when I started. Good ol skewl of hard knockers......(Which is essence, is better! Theres not a whole lot to learn about techniques Im not already familiar with. Now products? Hints are nice, but you really never know anything until you try it out anyway!)

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