school me on a 2002 scoobie wrx...

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by zmiller91, Oct 14, 2008.

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    I currently have a lowered audi a6 (1999), and live in iowa. However, next year i am going to be going to school in colorado and want to sell my car to get something more rugged, reliable, and relatively fast. So, im looking a 2002 subaru WRX.

    Has anyone had experince from going to a euro car to a subie? has anyone had experience with a subie in the mountains? im just really looking for some advice here, anything is appreciated.

    Thanks for the look.


    Mods, delete if you want. i just saw a thread about this a few links below...
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    You'll love a wrx in the mountains. It will pull through the hills without a hitch, it will handle winter storms, and it will run a 13 second quarter mile if you want for pretty cheap.

    Ive got an 04 and love it to death. I can pile my buddies in, drive to the track, run all night, and drive back home. I also took mine out last winter to Perfect North to go skiing in a snow storm with 12+ inches of snow on the roads. It held its own with the big 4x4's and did some kickass doughnuts too.

    Overall, they are REALLY well rounded cars. Decently quick, reliable as hell (mine has 95k on it and I went 13.4 @103 a few weeks back with an exhaust and tune)

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