A&P School me on AI Servo/AI Focus/One Shot.

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by verbal, Mar 23, 2008.

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    I'm confused by what these are. In what situations would you change it?
  2. tenplanescrashing

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    Jan 9, 2005
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    read your manual...they explain it in there.

    im not using a canon so I don't know how they differ between S, C, & M on Nikon but here we go:

    S (single) - press halfway down on shutter release and depending on the focusing setting you're using, the camera will focus on that and lock it in. If you move the camera, the focus won't change...standard setting used in most general photography

    C (continuous) - press halfway down on shutter release and depending on the focusing setting you're using, the camera will continuously adjust the focus while you move the camera...great for sports or moving subjects

    M (manual) - you adjust the focal point on the lens manually

    There are also different ways your camera can focus like closest subject priority, center weighted averages, etc., but this depends on the camera you're using and the features it has available.

    you have a lot of general questions...take a look at this website and see if it helps you understand these finer details a little better.


    and it's made user stupid for you canon users...:mamoru:

    I keed, I keed.
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    Don't bother with AI focus. There's a reason the pro bodies don't have this worthless focusing mode.

    AI servo continually updates focus so long as you hold down whichever button you have assigned to focus, unless that object is 100% stationary and you're holding the camera completely still.

    AI focus is made of fail and aids.

    One shot brings into focus whatever you're pointing the camera at when you half-press the shutter button (or whatever button you have assigned to focus) and then does not change focus if the object you were originally focusing on moves.

    I shoot 90% of stuff in AI servo.
  4. Beeno

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    The TDot
    Use AI servo for sports, or any sort of object in motion. Use One Shot if you like to focus on your subject, then recompose with a locked focus. Use AI focus for...when there's a possibility of unexpected movement? I never use it.

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