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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by crazybenf, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I've heard that you can buy cheap AK parts kits and put it together yourself easily.. But there's a tool that is an expensive required tool... Is this tool the way to bend the flat sheet into the u shape?

    Basically.. what the fuck? Do I buy a new AK from classic for 329 or build one..

    Can you buy a DIY parts kit and avoid FFL issues if it's the flat stamped steel?

    Any guides out there to building one yourself?
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    There are ways of bending the receiver into shape without the expensive tool. I'll be fucked if I could find the link on the howto though. :dunno:
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    I'll be attending an AK build party soon. Probably gonna build a pistol and a side folder rifle. :o

    P.S. I don't know anything but there are some guys on my site that do it. One of them is having the party at his house. :cool:
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    Well there's more than one tool to build an AK. If you don't plan on building a few AKs it's really not worth it to buy all the tools.

    If you are good at welding you can probably make the tools yourself for under $100. But if you want to buy them you'll need:

    12 hydrolic press: ~$100
    Receiver flat jig: $150 (you can buy pre-made receivers for around $60 shipped
    Rivet jigs: $100 for all of them or you can modify a pair of bolt cutters. I have a pair of modified bolt cutters which I use to squeeze the rivets together, works great but there are a couple rivets that it can't reach, I do them by hand with a ball-pin hammer.
    Spot welder: $150 for welding on the rails.
    Various other tools: Drill press, vice (the bigger the better,) set of large punches, a set of good drill bits. propane torch for heat treating

    You will save a lot of money and time buying pre-made receivers from (no need for a spot welder, receiver flat jib, or even a hydrolic press if you're good enough.)

    If you've got some time, check out this guy's videos on building your own:

    I've done one before with a dremel, a big hammer, a $7 punch set, a hand drill, my bolt cutter tool, and some scrap metal I shaped into specialized tools. It was a pain the ass but it got done. Many of the tools make it go a lot faster and make the final product look a little nicer.

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