Score for Tchaikovsky's Chrysostom

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    I would like a score for this if possible, but if not, could someone tell me what the choir is singing at the end of Priidite Poklonimsia (or the beginning of Sviati Bozhe depending on what version you are listening to)... actually I'd like to know which song the words go to b/c I have a recording that puts them at the beginning of Sviati Bozhe but I don't think that is quite right?

    Anyway, I can follow the words in Priidite Poklonimsia:

    Pridite poklonimsja i pripadem ko Hristu.
    Spasi ni Sini Božij, voskresij iz mertvih,
    pojuščija Ti: Aliluja. Aliluja. Aliluja.

    but the part right after that, not as well. I think it starts out with

    'Gospodi, spasi blagočestivia' but I can't make out the rest. I think the last word is a 'Ti' or a 'Mi (Mja?)? I don't know Slavonic but maybe this can provide a grammatical clue?

    Once the choir starts 'Svjatij Bože' I can understand what they are saying again.

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