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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Robb, Jan 31, 2003.

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    Ive been using the Meguairs # 9 because my paint has some swirls and light scratches, the scratches are so light that u can see them but not feel them with your fingernail, so i think that i should be able to take them out, however i have used 3 coats of the 9 and not been able to take them out, what is something more abrasive that would tackle these things, it would need to be applied by hand seeing as i dont use a PC, should i use the DACP, that is the strongest product for polishing correct? I really appreciate your time, my car looks incredibly deep and wet since ive been using the S100 u recommend but it would look many times better if i could get rid of the swirls, thanks for all your help and time.
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    Try the DAC/P, then Swirl Free Polish. The combination of these two should get rid of such small scratches/swirls. You can also use a final application of #9 or S100 SEPC to make it that much more of a complete, deep polish.
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    I second the DACP recommendation. Great stuff, starts off aggressive then quickly breaks down to about the same abrasiveness of #9.

    You also might want to consider a good random orbital buffer like a Porter Cable and some foam polishing pads. It will work faster than by hand but won't swirl like a high speed rotary buffer.

    If you use DACP by hand or PC, make sure you work it until is looks nearly clear and dry to make sure all the abrasives break down. Follow with #9 and S100 and your paint should look nearly perfect.

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