Scott, q's on poorboys EX-P

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Don_Rumsfeld, May 9, 2004.

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    I aplogize if you've already answered but I've been reading all the threads and I'm still not clear on it's role.

    As I understand it you are using it after a polish like VM (it is a sealant so I get that part) - then you can optionally top it with carnuba right?

    Could you use the EX-p on good paint without a polish?

    What's your opinion on the EX sealant with Carnuba already in it?

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    You can use the EX-P on clean paint without polish beforehand. You should be polishing every 6 months, and using EX-P at the same interval, so it's easier to do both at once. Yes, you can optionally top it with a carnauba-based wax.

    I think I remember Scott saying that the EX with carnauba was a good product also, not sure though.
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    I have not yet topped EX-P with anything since I like the way it looks on its own. If I was going to top it though, I'd use a paste wax since liquids use carriers that may affect the durability of the sealant. Meguiars #16, S100 or Poorboy's Natty Paste Wax all have a pretty clear look that would probably compliment the look of EX-P.

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