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    So, I bought this phone (the 5150) -$300 out the door plus $20 for a car charger. The selling point with this phone is the ability to load pictures and MIDI encoded ringers into the phone. The catch -The cable is $70, and on backorder for around three months nationwide. (Ingenius market resaerch guys...)

    Anyway, I know this cable is not $70-complicated and am confident I would be able to build on on my own. Not only that, but I am tired of handing over money to Sprint. The weak point here being the software though Iw ill cross that bridge when I get there. The phone uses a serial interface, so establishing communication should not be too difficult.

    The question: Does anyone here know of the pin-outs to this phone? Or of any info pertaining to re-programming this device? Actually, any information not found in the manual would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds pretty pimp. :cool:
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    I dont know about the pinouts but if you dont build one you might be able to find one at a radioshack, they carry them for order. They also have scp-5000's for 199.99. They were discontinued. The only difference is that the 5000 doesnt have the ringers and more ability and it COMES with the cable and software. I know because i almost got it instead of my a400. good luck :)

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