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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jackback52, Feb 2, 2007.

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    so, I had bought a season pass from iTunes for the Show Veronica Mars. I had downloaded all the current episodes when the season had resumed janurary 23rd. Episode 10 aired on the 23rd and I had assumed that the show would download the next day. Nope, didn't happen not on thursday either. so I fire off an e-mail to customer support and the next day (friday) the e-mail shows up for me to downlaod the 10th episode. fast-forward next tuesday and episode 11 aires, and again no e-mail for me to download the episode wednesday, or thursaday. I had hoped that I would have gotten it friday like the last one, but this time it didn't show either so I got really pissed and fired off another email to customer support

    well, I got a reply just right now

    I'm glad I'm getting a refund (even if its partial becasue I do have 10 of the episodes already) but has anyone else had this problem with season pass or mulitpass thing from the iTunes store? I've gone to the apple fourms and have found only scant evidence that other people have the same problem i did. Also, other people have have season pass, how long after the show aired, did you get the e-mail that allowed you to download the most recent episode?

    P.S. this is my first bad experience with the store itself. everything else has been fine.:x:
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    Damn, son, you need to cut back on the coffee or something.
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    Do you have the store set to automatic check out and have all the parental controls set to off? Sounds like something is getting in the way of the automatic downloads.

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