A&P See you in the new year.. new website inside.. mamiya 7 inside.. big week for me :)

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    Hey dudes,
    I havent' been posting much, but I'm still hangin around and reading everything :wavey:. Just giving an update as to what I've been up to.

    1. www.dylanjlynch.com

    -This is where I'll post most of my sports and editorial work. Unfortunately when my hard drive went down, I lost an entire season of hockey, so I didn't have much to choose from, there's an ok collection worth checking out though. I've had some very good meetings in the last week, and I'll be doing lots of work Canada wide soon. In the first 3 months of 2010 I'm being flown to Victoria twice, Timmons once, and Saskatoon once to shoot hockey tournaments and some other sports, so it's gotten me work already.

    2. www.thevisualdynamic.com

    -This is the company I have with a dude I work with. We're trying really hard to get in to architectural and high end product work. We've had some awesome meetings lately, and today signed a contract with an architectural firm worth about $45,000 worth of photography over the next two years, so that's really exciting. We also have a growing relationship with two very high end furniture boutiques in Edmonton, one of which is beside our studio. This stuff should keep us busy in winter, whereas the architectural stuff is more summer photos.

    3. www.dylanjlynch.myfotojournal.com

    -My blog, let me show you it. This is where the mamiya 7 stuff is.. i figured it might be stupid to post it here too so I won't.

    This week is the Mac's midget tournament in Calgary.. an international tournament with 40 teams from Canada, Russia, Finland, etc.. the finals are in Saddledome. I'll shoot about 15-25,000 strobed hockey photos, so I should come back with some great stuff to show everyone. I'll be working approx 19 hours a day, from dec 26-jan 1 so I hope I make it through :o This includes driving up to Edmonton twice, which is 3 hours each way, at like 1am :o I just picked up 48 cans of redbull that I will probably finish this week :hyper:

    Boxing week I am shooting THREE NHL GAMES. Two of these games are strobed at Rexall for Getty Images, and they're against the Flames and the Maple Leafs. I'm gonna have to find some people in Toronto to see if my photos make the paper :noes: They should. Also shooting one natural light game at Saddledome between the Flames and the OIlers, that one's not for Getty, just for Oilers web. It's a gigantic week for me, this is about as big as it gets. I'm very nervous and excited.

    Hope everyone finds a 200 f2 under the tree this Christmas, and even if it's just Girth, we can all continue to live vicariously through his ballin lifestyle.

    Wish me luck, stay safe, see y'all in 2010. :wavey: :love: :h5:
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    Wow dude, congrats at all the work! Sounds like a lot of work, but fun too!
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    nice! I would love to get into architectural photography. I don't know where to start, maybe solicit some firms around to let me take pictures of their work or something.

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