Seeking Advice on Building Work Wardrobe

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by masan, Mar 27, 2008.

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    I'm starting work on Monday at a large law firm and had some questions about building up my wardrobe for work. For my department (acct/fi) the dress code is dress slacks, shirt, and tie (jacket is optional). I believe for the rest of the firm suits are mandatory.

    I've bought a healthy number of ties and was wondering where you guys have purchased your dress shirts at? My size is incredibly hard to come by (15 35) so I may have to resort to buying them online, possibly

    Also except for the usual light blue and white, what other colors are safe in a conservative environment? And should I have more than two white dress shirts?

    Lastly are loafers gonna be okay to wear or should I opt for lace-ups?
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    depends on how conservative your law firm is.
    given that jacket is optional, you could get by with loafers.

    white shirts are essential. if you're a young professional, honestly any colour will fly...that is unless the firm is strict corporate wear which means black/navy suit with white shirt and tie.

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