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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Darketernal, May 16, 2007.

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    to sum it up, im lonely, it saddens me when i see all my friends with their girlfriends and im the only one without. and as much as i try to forget about it with material possessions, its not working. its starting to cloud my judgement and making me depressed. since i have no "game, so to say" it becomes a vicious cycle of sadness and lately heavy alcohol consumption, which i know is definitely not right. on top of that my mother wants me to enter a career field that i am starting to doubt any sucess in (though i agree i shoudl enter that field, guaranteed it will make me money in the future).

    i have been diagnosed with bi-polar in the past, and havent been into a major slump since i was 19, until recently.
    but i want to start taking medication for attention enhancement, so i can do better in school once i start and do more work around the house, and hope that would also help me forget about my disposition (from experience ive had positive experiences with amphetamines and believe speed + work = alleviation of stress and boost of sense of self). i tell her, and she is strongly against it, saying it will drive me into a deeper hole and worsen me.

    i honestly think if i could just alleviate my loneliness and find someone compatible, someone to give me purpose, most of this will go away. until then, abiet macht frei.

    need your suggestions... thanks
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    feeling you on the lonely end. plenty of friends. lots of them have SO's, seeing them makes me think about my former ones.

    As for career choice, i basically switched my major from business to journalism once someone asked me, "what do you want to do for 8 hours a day for the next 50 years of your life?". there can always be a compromise as you can get a minor in the subject / something related to it. do what you want to.

    there are short term things, spending money on something, just chilling with the guys, watching anime / movies.

    a guy told me that you wont catch any fish if you dont throw any lines into the water and its really made me think.

    and as for medication, i have popped a few adderalls in the past to work all night for something. I've seen people that end up using it a lot and it wouldnt say they become dependant on it, but they really abuse it a lot. Some for work, some for fun. It really depends on you, its your call.
  3. Let's start here. I am single and have been for 9 months. There is no issue there. You need to make yourself happy find something that will make you happy and stick to it. I understand this significant other thing is tough. All my friends have significant others, but you know I'm free to enjoy my life. Being single has it's benefit and you should take advantage of it. Learn to make yourself happy, never base it on someone else.


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