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    We're looking for a web and/or application developer in North America (preferably in southern Quebec or Ontario) to work with us on a new project. The specifications are relatively confidential, so you will need to PM me after reading the basic project outline below.

    - The core application will be hosted on a single, internal server, located on a local intranet and connected to the internet.
    - Various websites on the internet (on different servers with various setups, e.g. unix, windows, etc) will communicate with the main server or database (thus a javascript include is recommended).
    - The local application will be either web-based or win32-based (based on the programmer's recommendations) and will work in conjunction with a database (again, type based on recommendations).
    - You should have at least 3 years experience developing database-driven applications in various application environments, and must be able to make relevant recommendations as to application and database design, setup, and functionality.
    - We are looking for someone who writes, efficient, clean, well-documented code, with scalability and flexibility in mind. We're working with a great deal of data so efficiency is key!

    If you're still interested and want to learn more, please PM me immediately with your location, availability over the next 2 months, and relevant past experience (an included resume or portfolio would be great).

    You will be compensated fairly! We're a company that pays well for a job well done.

    Thanks for your time thus far,

    The AdMire Group

    P.S. We also have a job opening for Montreal-area web designers. Please view it by clicking here

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