Sellin some dirtbikes if ur interested..

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by cin-faux, Jun 4, 2003.

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    Yeah, i got a 01 yamaha 125 for sale, and i got a 02 yz 250, both have new plastics, graphics, levers, grips etc. both run awesome, and both in great shape, only about 10 rides on the 250, and i dont know about the 125, but its also in good shape, if you got questions or interested or anything, email me at [email protected] also i got pix too, but i dono how to post em here(im noobish OTer). yeah.

    durr, btw... 3800 for the 125 and 4800 for the 250.
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    hahahhahahahha, that is so much, way overpriced

    i got my bike, a 01 yz250 in perfect condition for 3200

    the 125 is worth 3000, in mint condition

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