Selling the F-body, any takers here?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by MAD PUNK inDC, Mar 8, 2004.

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    the machine
    Well I need something more practical now, since my Caprice finaly bit the dust (thank you potholes :mad: ) anyway here's the rundown.
    It's a 1995 Z28, with a 99 drivetrane from a wrecked WS6. It has ALL the Pontiac parts on it. Even the interior is for the most part Trans Am, the seats are still black camaro leather. A/C works, all lights and accesorys work fine too, but the car has no anti-theft system, and no remote, so an aftermarket setup will be needed, or you can get the factory unit from the dealer (remote only cost $30).
    SS springs, Global west LCAs, and adjustable pan hard rod, 3.73 rear gears on 7.5" rear. Flowmaster catback (sounds awesome), 3" cowl hood, custom purple metalic paint, keenwood stereo, with ten disk changer. This car is a one of a kind, with alot of work put into it. Ran consistant 13.2s at 106-108 mph, and can do better with traction and tunning. It's best to call if you want more info. 202-327-0023, I haven't been checking my email much lately.
    I will try to get a couple pictures up, and maybe a sound clip of the exhaust.
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    Damn. That sucks the F-Body crew is losing a member :(

    Good luck on the sale bro!

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