MMA Sengoku to be held bi-monthly starting in March

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    The World Victory Road president talked today in front of the press, here are some important translations of what he said (thanks to hotmouse).

    Sengoku’s first show will be held on March 5.Naoya Kinoshita,WVR President,announced today that ex-PRIDE production team is to work on Sengoku’s stage effects.Daisuke Sato,who was a movie director of PRIDE,and Lenne Hardt, are also included in the staff.Sengoku wants to take over worldview of PRIDE.

    Kinoshita also says Sengoku will be held bimonthly from March and calls on Misaki and Gomi to fight in the promotion.

    In this new interview with Phil Baroni he says that he has received offers from EliteXC, WEC and a new show in Japan. The new show in Japan is probably Sengoku, they seem to be going for the weight classes in the middle for their first event.

    Sengoku I
    Date: 05/03-2008
    Place: National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, Japan

    Hidehiko Yoshida
    Makoto Takimoto
    Sanae Kikuta
    Ryo Kawamura
    Siyar Bahadurzada
    Evangelista Cyborg

    i'm not holding my breath at this point...

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