Sennheiser HD 570's? Headphone question

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by flyEX #1, May 26, 2002.

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    I thought reading reviews online would clear up the decision, but the more I read, the more frustrated I get. Alot of people say completely opposite things about the same set. I know everybody hears shit differently, but some people were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by them, and others said they couldn't produce low frequencies for shit,they were uncomfortable, and they wouldn't buy another pair ever again.

    I listen almost exclusively to metal and rap, and these phones are for my PC. I have an Audigy sound card and Logitech Z560 THX certified speakers. Same with home theatre and my shitbox car, they're loud as crap too.

    I'm mainly concerned with their ability to reproduce low frequencies. Not crazy low like woofer excursion tests, I imagine that would just give you a headache anyway.

    Which brings me to COMFORT. Whatever I end up getting needs to be very light and soft. My left ear got jacked-up after my friend flipped his nissan pathfinder a few times with us in it.

    After comfort, my only other stipulation is that these things have to be able to crank. I hate turning up a song just to turn it back down because the drivers are fwapping and everything gets muddy. I always like to have an "Oh, shit... I can still turn this up a little louder" buffer in the event a track I really like loads up.

    Any reccomendations / reviews / advice you can throw my way is appreciated. I'm not set on anything yet, I just like how the Sennheiser HD 570's look on paper and from most of the reviews. They look easy to fix after I step on them in the middle of the night, or when I forget I have them on and try to take off running. I have all the grace of Chris Farley after a week-long bender, so chances are they're gonna get fucked up down the line.


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    :bigthumb: Great product. Does bass great. However, I have the identical setup as u and an external amp would enhance everything better. Comfort is awsome just like the sound. Everything from its crisp highs to gentle yet punchy and accurate bass. Great everything for the money. Go try a pair with some of your music.

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