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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Maxvla, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Maxvla

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    please help me decide which headphones to get.

    my kenwood KPM-310's suck complete ass.

    i'm looking at the HD570s and the EH2270s

    the HD570s retail for 149, the EH2270s for 199

    online best price i could find was 73 for the EHs and 79 (after $10 rebate) for the HDs

    so virtually they are the same price which makes it very hard to decide.

    my budget is sub 110 bucks all said and done, shipping, tax, etc.


    so yeah i posted in OT while forgetting about this forum. maybe i'll get some better responses in here. :)
  2. Maxvla

    Maxvla Guest

    nevermind. i went with the 580s
  3. 04

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    The 580's are supposed to kick ass. I have the HD 600's and the 580s are supposed to be just about as good. Excellent choice.
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    i like my HD490s :wiggle:

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