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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by Ep, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Ep

    Ep Guest

    I disappeared for a little bit, new job and the band is in a one month pre production. Anyway, I stopped hitting the gym for a month and now I'm going back sunday.

    I had been doing Starting Strength when I switched off the stickied Pur routine. The starting strength was

    Monday, Wed, Fri alternating with


    standing military
    pendlay rows

    I saw some huge strength gains and I was definitely getting a little bigger (I have a shitload of stretch marks now). But to be honest, I think what was helping the most was the low volume. Purs routine is just too much volume for a skinny douche like myself. That being said, if I were to go back to the

    Mon - Legs
    4 sets leg ext 10-15reps
    4 sets squat 6-10 reps
    3 sets leg press 10-12 reps
    4 sets leg curl 10-12reps
    3 set db stiff legged or walking lunges

    Tues - Chest
    4 sets incline db or barbell 8-12
    3 sets flat db or barbell 8-12
    3 sets db fly or machine 12-12 reps
    2 sets weighted dips


    thur - back
    bodyweight pullups 4 sets upto 15
    bent over row barbell or db 4 sets 8-12
    front pulldown wide or narrow (switch it up) 3 sets 8-10
    cable row 3 sets 6-10
    behind the head(ya ya they're bad blah blah blah) 2 sets 15 reps Medium easy weight...just squeeze.

    fri - shoulders/arm
    3 sets db press or front military 8-10
    3 sets side laterals 10-12
    3 sets reaer lateral machine or db 10-12
    6 sets shrugs behind the back for 3 sets and too the front for 3

    3 sets 10-15 rope pushdown
    3 sets french curl bar or machine 6-10
    3 sets reversed push down (palms facing) 8-10

    3 sets barbell curl or cambered bar 8-12
    3 sets preacher machine or db/barbell 8-12
    2 sets hammer curl db or rope 10-15
    wrist curls 13-20 reps 2 sets
    Do abs mon-thur

    Do calves tue-fri

    what could I cut out from each day to lower the volume? Pur had recommended awhile ago cutting out the bullshit and doing lower reps on the compounds. Any suggestions? I know I really dont need preachers, incline, behind the head lat pulldowns. Anythign else?
  2. Ceaze

    Ceaze Moderator

    Jun 4, 2000
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    Why switch if you were having great gains?
  3. Hello Panda

    Hello Panda New Member

    Oct 28, 2007
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    Stick with your current routine if you haven't plateaued.
  4. Ep

    Ep Guest

    You have a point, I don't know. I just figured that Purs routine with lowered reps on the compounds would focus on both strength and size, where SS is geared specifically towards strength. I'm in this to get stronger but most importantly get bigger
  5. Cumstang02

    Cumstang02 New Member

    Oct 17, 2005
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    Is it in yet?
    So, you want to get bigger but are focusing on strength?
  6. grimstone

    grimstone magic murda bag OT Supporter

    Sep 28, 2004
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    maybe for someone advanced it would not make sense but for someone starting out it does.
  7. Ep

    Ep Guest

    What? I never said that. What I basically said was I wanted to get stronger while focusing on getting bigger. Hence me switching off of SS which is solely for strength...

    He misinterpreted what I said
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