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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by kamikaze, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Normally I'd have no problem whipping up a quote for a system for a customer, but this thing is pretty high end in comparison to what I'd normally build. What I've got so far is:

    2 x Intel E5440 Quad Core Xeon
    1 x Supermicro X7DWE Server Motherboard
    2 x Kingston ValueRAM 4gb DDR2 FB-DIMM ECC 667MHZ

    I've confirmed that all the above will play nice together, but what I'm stuck on is a power supply. The problem is, with the size of our shop we can't afford to be stocking real high end power supplies as backups for these things, so I'm thinking about going to a redundant power supply. That would at least give me time to order a replacement should the power supply go tits up. I'll likely be using a Chenbro Rack Case, and they sell a redundant power supply but (if I"m reading it right) its only 400w which doesn't seem like enough for that high of a CPU/mobo/ram combo, plus all the hard drives the guy wants. These redundant power supplies seem to all be less than 600w, but i guess if I'm not driving some mammoth vid card that chews up 600w by itself, the rest of this should be happy living on ~400w?

    Any thoughts are appreciated

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