Server keeps crashing.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by crossfaded, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. crossfaded

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    old server was a compaq loaded with windows 2k
    everything ran sooooo smoothly

    but not to long ago my company bought this dell server. it has like 2 dual xenon processors and a bunch of other crap with the same windows 2k loaded on there. (by the way this is only a file server. )

    heres the problem... everyday at my work, the server crashes at least ONCE! for some reason my IT manager isnt doing anything about it. so i was just wondering what the problem was.

    they also bought a bunch of cisco switches. you think it might be hardware problems?
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    Send me the Cisco switches and I will look at them. :naughty:

    Seriously though, find someone with a RAM verifier and check all the RAM in the new server. Heck the thing still must be under warranty, so all you have to do is convince your IT manager to send it back to Dell.
  3. SLED

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    is it a power edge 2650? If so, or if the server has those broadcomm network ports, I know they are having problems with the drivers. Both on linux and windows. I just did a job for a company that bought one of those 2650's and had nothing but problems with it, until i went out and bought a new network card. Been up ever since.
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    hmm intresting...
  5. 5Gen_Prelude

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    Definately sounds hardware related and the event logs may provide further information on what caused the crash. Bad memory tends to just dump the computer wit no warning, on the other hand disk failure usually red flags.

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