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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Renz, Jan 23, 2003.

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    we had a guy come into our company to give us a quote on networking our organization. he said we needed 3 servers and here is what they are.

    1. firewall/anti-virus server

    2. application/file server

    3. Terminal server

    i know what the the first 2 should do. but what does the terminal server do? is it really necessary to have 3 servers? it is for a wan that is connecting 4 locations?
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    "Generally in information technology, a terminal server is a hardware device or server that provides terminals (PCs, printers, and other devices) with a common connection point to a local or wide area network. The terminals connect to the terminal server from their RS-232C or RS-423 serial port. The other side of the terminal server connects through network interface cards (NIC) to a local area network (LAN) (usually an Ethernet or token ring LAN) through modems to the dial-in/out wide area network, or to an X.25 network or a 3270 gateway. (Different makes of terminal server offer different kinds of interconnection. Some can be ordered in different configurations based on customer need.) The use of a terminal server means that each terminal doesn't need its own network interface card or modem. The connection resources inside the terminal server are usually shared dynamically by all attached terminals."

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