MIL Service Members Civil Relief Act - Immediate Benefit To Our Servicemembers

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    Here's some info I received in email today....

    Senior Enlisted Leadership,

    Way back in October, I promised to deliver the goods on a financial benefit all of us could use. Here it is.

    Under the provisions of the Service Members Civil Relief Act (formerly the Soldiers and Sailors Act), all active duty and reserve can request a reduction in interest rates charged by financial institutions for
    existing accounts held prior to reserve call-up and/or deployment overseas. I have used this personally and it works. My personal credit cards were reduced to the maximum allowed by law, 6 percent, after writing to each company and requesting consideration. As an example:

    American Express dropped interest from 10.9 % to 6 % from the day I transferred from the States to sea duty in Yokosuka, crediting my account retroactively.

    Discover Card Services dropped my interest from 8 % to 5.9 % for as long as I remain on active duty no matter where I am stationed.

    Navy Federal Credit Union did nothing for a personal loan my ex-wife obtained and I am responsible for paying - can't win all the time.

    My point being, for the cost of a few minutes on the computer writing a letter, obtaining a Statement of Service from your admin folks, making a copy of your PCS orders, an envelope, and a stamp, you and every Sailor can potentially reap some significant financial relief/gain.

    I have attached two sample letters for your use and dissemination with my personal data removed - these are the exact letters I sent to get my interest lowered. I have researched this exhaustively and it is legal and ethical. Some homework is needed to gather account information and mailing addresses, get orders certified as true copies, and getting a Statement of Service letter, but the format for the letters is already done and ready to be used as a template.

    Please give this your personal attention in getting the word out to every Sailor in Misawa. I have also shared this with the Region Master Chief for all Sailors serving in the FDNF. Thanks for your continued
    strong leadership and genuine concern for our Shipmates.

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