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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by SombreroMan, Jul 28, 2003.

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    Ok, I have my pc and my girlfriend's laptop connected to a wireless router. We are both able to access the internet just fine. I checked the router setup, and everything seems ok as far as I know. It shows 2 connections to it. :dunno:

    I've tried to set us up with a Windows network in Windows XP so that we could share files. I set us up with the same workgroup name, but there is some weird behavior I was hoping you guys could help me diagnose.

    First of all, on her laptop, when she clicks on 'View computers in workgroup', both of our computer names show up. However, when I do the same thing on my computer it says the workgroup is inaccessible.

    Secondly, I can ping her IP address, but she cannot ping mine.

    Any suggestions on what I should check would be greatly appreciated.
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    display your local IP addresses. You may also want to save some headaches and simply install the NetBEUI protocol - especially if you can't figure this stuff out yourself.

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