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    I am fairly new to mac's and recently purchased a new imac on 10.5.6 - i have 8 external hard drives plus the 750 gig internal

    i've decided that rather than use time machine i'm going for a raid setup to backup all of my existing data - i have 2 1.5TB drives that i'd like to put in a raid setup to backup the other 7 drives (6 external and 1 internal - other drives have about a 4TB capacity (including the internal) but i always leave some free space on each drive so i should be able to fit everything on 3TB without issue) do i do this? it seems raid 0 is the way to go to combine the space of the two drives and it is unlikely that i'll have a drive failure on on of my 7 with data at the same time as the raid setup - can't afford to buy 2 more drives and go for a raid 1 setup right now

    any advice is appreciated - possibly a step by step of how to setup a raid using multiple external drives in order to backup the main hard drive as well as other external drives

    or is there a way i can use a small portion of my drive for a time machine setup just for system files (no audio/video/movies etc.) and still have a raid array with both drives showing as 1 3gb drive? or at least both drives constantly backing up what is put onto the other drives

    i'm new to raid stuff
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