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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ssnake, Apr 29, 2007.

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    I apologize in advance for what may seem to be 'dumb' questions, i have put in a little effort, but usually end up with conflicting answers or just unclear ones.

    1. In the near future I'll be upgrading my hard drive, I obviously don't want to lose my liscenses (office 2007, etc.). What are the best programs to use to do this? I have vista premium (upgrade) and an original xp home edition disk (just throwing that in for background and upcoming questions). I've heard good things about acronis, does windows have anything built in to do this? Is it even possible, because then you'd have two pc's running on the same copy of windows..sort of? I would probably not use the old pc anymore, does that even matter?

    2. I've been reading a lot into networking a lot lately, I can set up a simple peer-to-peer regular wireless/wired network no problem. For my own sick pleasure in the coming months I want to build a small client/server model home network. Tips? I am not entirely clear about windows server 2003. Am I understanding correctly that it is an entire operating system, and my copy of vista would be gone? Are there any alternatives as far as setting my my computer as the main server and then running about 4 boxes off of that. Software/hardware wise what should I read into?? (I signed up for the Microsoft home server beta, waiting to find out more info about that)

    3. Finally, As i mentioned above I have vista premium edition, I also have a laptop with xp home edition on it. Is it possible to set up/join a client server network with these editions, or do you have to have Business edition/Xp pro? Every single computer that is on an intranet or large client/server network seems to be Xp Pro. Would all of the computers on the network have to be running one of those, or can you do it with premium/home edition also?

    Thanks for any answers that you are willing/able to provide. Any websites that you found particularly helpful would be appreciated as well. Thanks again.
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    wtf join date vs. post count

    1. You don't have the CDs any more? Or the CD keys? Are these legal copies? Because when you get a new hard drive you will have to re-install your OS and everything..

    3. You mean join a domain? Because you need XP Pro to do that, not sure about Vista.
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    XP Home allows a certain number of users to join a peer-to-peer network (no real server, but everyone can share files/play games).
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    To answer the acronis question, windows doesn't have anything similar.

    Acronis can clone the drive onto another one within the same system.

    And the cloned drive will run as well on the present system as the one you copy.

    But when you go to install it in another system, it may not work.

    It's hit and miss, with probably less than 50% chance of succuss.

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