Several questions about heavily scratched paint.

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Cue-Ball, May 10, 2004.

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    I'm planning to do a complete detail of my wife's car soon. I washed it this weekend and the paint is completely hosed. I don't have pics, but it looks about the same as Don_Rumsfeld's car. The car is black with blue pearl, but is scratched and rock chipped beyond repair. I know the car really needs to be repainted, but want to try to salvage what i can since we plan to sell it soon.

    So, on to the questions:

    1) I have a bottle of Klasse AIO and a bottle of Klasse SG. Will the AIO be strong enough to remove anything more than minor swirl marks, or should i just go straight to the DACP and not bother wasting my time? The paint on this car is VERY badly scratched and chipped.

    2) Assuming i buy the DACP, do i need to follow up with SFP? Or can i just apply several coats of DACP, then go straight to a polish?

    3) Other than touch-up paint, what can i do to minimize the appearance of rock chips? Wax collects on the edges and makes them stand out even more.

    4) Is there a locally available clay bar product that's worth buying? Both of the products listed in the products sticky are not available in the local Shucks or Napa.
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    1. AIO is a chemical cleaner. It has no mechanical abrasives that I am aware of. You need something stronger.

    2. If you use DACP by hand, then yes, I would follow with SFP. By PC, you can probably go to a lighter glaze.

    3. No other options that I know of.

    4. Clay Magic has a great clay bar.

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