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    Sergeant Lims was activated from our unit 2 years ago for the original OIF. The entire unit went down to San Diego for two months of training before preparing to leave for Iraq to supplement and ressupply the initial attack force heading towards Baghdad.

    While in San Diego being billeted at a local hotel Sergeant Lims was found dead in the pool one morning. Unsatisfied with his swim qualifications he snuck into the pool to practice and prepare for an upcoming swim test to indicate who will be staying in Pendleton and who will be flying to Iraq. Sergeant Lims was an outstanding Marine and a stupendous NCO and like any locked on Marine he was always improving himself when he was already a cut above.

    He died the very same day I stepped on a pair of yellow footprints and it's only today that I've heard of him and seen the memorial in honor of him.

    I stayed out in the fields for four days in a tent and put up with a lot of bullshit from 0400 reveille until 2200 taps and I've gone through a lot of tough shit that's changed my life but tonight I don't think it was enough. Nothing ever is in the Corps. To another Marine now standing post for permanent firewatch along the promenade of God: Oorah.
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    Swim qual 1 :o
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    I might be taking that wrong, but it seems pretty tasteless to me. :squint:

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