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    So I have been playing SoD on and off for over 4 years now. Just figured I would share SoD with the general population.

    What's this all about?
    Shards of Dalaya is a total conversion emulated server for EverQuest 1. It's the most successful EQ1 emulated server, running for close to five years and several thousand active accounts, reaches upwards of 300-400 players online every night. Basically SoD is the EQ platform (class and zones), with all new content. SoD has ~120 zones with some 5000+ NPCs and 10000+ items. Nothing has been directly copied from the original game, but it still has that nostalgic feel while providing a quality gaming experience.

    Stuff for the Hardcore
    - An established high level population and raiding game that is reasonably easy to get into, or even to form your own guild in.
    - 18 man raids making skill and player interaction matter more
    – Over 30 raid zones of zones and hundreds of bosses of varying tiers
    - 500+ AAs for all classes, heavily customized to be more useful for classes that got a bad draw in the original game.
    -New Tome system allows for the developers to add AA style improvements to all classes (ex: 5 Tomes of Power each adds 5% to healing and dmg and costs 200 AAs)

    Things for the Casuals
    - Unique Adventuring Bands that allow you to keep gaining experience at the same rate as your friends, regardless of the difference in amount of hours you can play.
    - Treasure hunting, powerful tradeskills, high end dungeons and other casual content as an actual rival to raiding, allowing you to progress even if dragon killing with seventeen buddies isn't your thing.
    - Hundreds of quests, including a massive main quest that spans from level 1 to 65, introduces you to the lore of the world, and gives you a number of irreplaceable rewards.
    - Experience debt puts a limit on how much time bad luck can cost you.
    - Groups receive large experience bonuses encouraging players to be social and generally making it easier to find a group.
    - A healthy mid and low level population,
    - Starting cities that are still the centers of player activity, rather than being deserted.

    Other neat things
    - An ongoing, dynamic storyline that you are able to participate in and affect. The game world is in the midst of a war, and zones can be gained and lost, and ultimately lead to victory or defeat, depending on how dedicated players are. Either way, future content will be heavily affected.
    - A dedicated developer staff that do regular patches and additions of new content.
    - A Fomelo site (similar to Magelo), however it is linked directly to the game’s database and provide updates between 1-10 seconds after player switch items, buy AA, or level up
    - Fully supported, player controlled wiki to help players out of all levels and teirs
    - GMs events from time to time: consisting of lotteries, races, fight night, and more
    -First major expansion COMING SOON.

    For more videos, visit youtube and search Shards of Dalaya
    Youtube Vid 1

    Youtube Vid 2

    [FONT=&quot] You must have all the expansions up to and including Gates of Discord installed to play SoD. Recommended EQ Titanium or Anniversary Edition[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]My characters names are Aniketos and Aleksandr. If you are interested, give it a shot. It’s great for off nights to try out.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Main Site is[/FONT]
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