SRS she might need brain surgery

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    i found out a few days ago that my mother had an MRI taken at the clinic and that she has a cyst in her brain. she has to see a neurologist later this week to check if it's a possible tumor. i'm starting to get really worried about both my parents.

    my mother is not in good health. she had to have some sort of surgery a couple years back on an area under the waist. we all knew there was a very good chance that the surgery would go well, especially since it was done at stanford hospital. even then i was really scared that something might happen and we might lose her.

    this whole cyst/tumor in her brain is really starting to worry me. i'm a college student and don't get a chance to see her very often unless we are on an extended break (spring break is coming up after this week thankfully).

    what's more is that we both share the same headaches. as a kid growing up, i used to have migraines everyday in elementary school. doctors did not know what was wrong with me. they would always shrug it off telling us that it was "normal for kids growing up." :ugh2: i didn't know anyone else who had migraines everyday.

    my mom has been to the doctor for several years now regarding her headaches ... and it took that long to discover she has a cyst/tumor. i'm starting to wonder if i might have one.

    does anyone have personal experiences with brain surgeries or something similar? it seems that every year my mom is getting weaker and weaker. i try not to think about it often during school because it just breaks me down. i don't know what i would do if i lost my mom :wtc:
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    I have had brain surgery. I had an aneurysm, not a cyst/tumor. If you are having bad headaches, you should see a doctor, have a MRI or an angio. I used to have really bad migraine thumpers, although it has been a long time since I have had one. Since you are a student and must focus on studying and everything, I suggest you go to your Doc and explain your situation and demand testing of some sort, just to ease your mind and do it as soon as possible...the sooner they catch something wrong, the sooner it gets fixed. MRI, CT or Angio are the best bethods of dectection. I went to my GP for months complaining of headaches and he did not listen. How I wish I had the forethought to demand would have saved a lot of grief. Does your Ma have any other sypmtoms other than headaches? Is her vision screwy? Does she have nodebleeds? Honestly tho, I think it is a bit too early to get upset over the possibility of losing your Ma. It's early days yet. And, moreover, neurosurgery has evolved where they can do non-invasive, Black & Decker stuff and it is quite remarkable. No more burr holes, shaving one's head and all that ugly stuff I went thru. If your Ma is comfortable with her neuroteam, then half the battle is won. But please, hightail yourself to the Doc and demand testing...even if it is just for your peace of mind. Keep me posted. My thoughts are with you.
  3. Good advice. I'm very sorry you're going through so much, and that your mother is having to endure both time and tests. If there was more I could say to bring you comfort, I would. Ultimately this is an uncomfortable waiting scenario, and leaning on faith, family and friends will be of the most value I think while you seek answers inbetween.
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    Really trust me when i say just go visit the docter demand that your own brain and body gets scanned and tested ,and if it's negative you can go home and get yourself a nice cup of tea reassuring yourself that nothing is wrong with you. Go see a cardiologist to see if your headackes might be the result of narrow blood vessels. The migraines might be caused by high pressure, are you exersising enough(jogging) and taking quite some loads of water on a regular basis? At any rate get yourself checked, be reassured the modern surgeon technology is superb, and reassured yourself, because brain tumors are actually a relative very rare and uncommen phenomen. So stop projecting your mothers life on your own, and if it is family related get yourself checked often to continuesly reassure yourself everything is right in your life. Hope to hear some good news from your mother :hug:

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